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On Our Values
If you had a category entitled, "ECSTATIC!!" that would be more appropriate! 

I've done business with Tom for close to 20+ years and had bought my wife's engagement ring with him, my brother's engagement ring, my brother in law's engagement ring and LOTS of other diamond jewelry.

I just recently bought a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings totaling about $30K, merchandise unseen, and could not be happier (that's how much I trust Tom)! Tom's savvy advice/recommendations goes without question on what to pick along with knowing he has the best most competitive diamond prices out in the market! But the most important element I see in Tom is his INTEGRITY, which is extremely hard to find with any type of vendor these days.

Tom and his staff are nothing short of outstanding, he's not only got quality merchandise and great prices.... he’s someone you can TRUST!

Retired Senior Naval Officer
Not only is Washington diamond great value for cost, but they are knowledgeable and so professional.
They didn't try to push us on anything we didn't need or want. They listened to us and kept us in budget. We couldn't be happier with our rings. - Laura

On Our Service
Greg picked up my ring last Thursday and I think I can say that we finally have a winner!
I wanted to thank you and the rest of the staff for being patient and helpful. It was so nice that, even on my fourth trip in for a ring adjustment, Charlotte was just as attentive as the first visit. She seemed equally as concerned with getting the right fit as me.
Also, I greatly appreciated your taking the time to listen to me when we met. Instead of forcing a solution that may not have worked or dismissing my concerns, you explained your thought process and made us comfortable with the next step.
Greg and I are looking forward to doing more business with Washington Diamond. - N. S. & Greg G.

On Our Selection
What impressed me the most about Washington Diamond was the quality and variety of their products. Also, the professionalism and excellent service provided by the staff was a big plus.
My fiance and I went to Washington Diamond looking for an engagement ring. They made a ring so beautiful that I never want to take it off.
We were so happy with the engagement ring that we decided to go back for our wedding rings. We made an appointment to start looking at rings and the staff at Washington Diamond helped us find the perfect rings at an affordable price so we could not resist the excitement and purchased them right away.
We can't wait for our wedding day to start wearing the Washington Diamond rings! - Shalimar A., from Arlington VA on
On Our Consultative Approach
Well after leaving the final decisions up to you and Bill, I was right not to have any reservations.
The ring is absolutely exquisite, and more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.
Thank you for working with us and giving us the personal attention, craftsmanship, and confidence that is the trademark of Washington Diamond. The ring is obviously expensive, but your reputation is priceless. - With deepest gratitude, Lee C.

On Our Values
If you had a category entitled, "ECSTATIC!!" that would be more appropriate! 

I've done business with Tom for close to 20+ years and had bought my wife's engagement ring with him, my brother's engagement ring, my brother in law's engagement ring and LOTS of other diamond jewelry.

I just recently bought a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings totaling about $30K, merchandise unseen, and could not be happier (that's how much I trust Tom)! Tom's savvy advice/recommendations goes without question on what to pick along with knowing he has the best most competitive diamond prices out in the market! But the most important element I see in Tom is his INTEGRITY, which is extremely hard to find with any type of vendor these days.

Tom and his staff are nothing short of outstanding, he's not only got quality merchandise and great prices.... he’s someone you can TRUST!

Retired Senior Naval Officer
Not only is Washington diamond great value for cost, but they are knowledgeable and so professional.
They didn't try to push us on anything we didn't need or want. They listened to us and kept us in budget. We couldn't be happier with our rings. - Laura

On Our Service
Dear Walter,

Everything was perfect. She absolutely loves the ring. I can't believe how many compliments we both get (yes even I get told "Good job") and from complete strangers.
So I attached a picture of the ring and of us right after I popped the question...It was a complete surprise to her and after a few tears, some champagne, and a million phone calls, we had a nice dinner out.  Thanks for all your help, we couldn't be happier. - Walter D.
Happy Customers of Washington Diamond

On Our Excellent Values

If you had a category entitled, "ECSTATIC!!" that would be more appropriate! 

I've done business with Tom for close to 20+ years and had bought my wife's engagement ring with him, my brother's engagement ring, my brother in law's engagement ring and LOTS of other diamond jewelry.

I just recently bought a pair of gorgeous diamond earrings totaling about $30K, merchandise unseen, and could not be happier (that's how much I trust Tom)!
Tom's savvy advice/recommendations goes without question on what to pick along with knowing he has the best most competitive diamond prices out in the market! But the most important element I see in Tom is his INTEGRITY, which is extremely hard to find with any type of vendor these days.

Tom and his staff are nothing short of outstanding, he's not only got quality merchandise and great prices.... he’s someone you can TRUST!

Retired Senior Naval Officer

We worked with Walter from Washington Diamond for the engagement ring as well as the wedding bands.
He was one of the most straightforward jewelers we talked to when looking for engagement rings and was very receptive and worked with us on designing the rings for my wife based on what she liked; as well, the prices were very reasonable.
- Leila

Washington Diamond offers unsurpassed value and expertise. My wife and I went to many stores but Washington Diamond was the only one that solved our problem. She wanted a wedding band that fit snugly against her engagement ring.
All the other stores said she had to get either an unsightly curved band or an equally unsightly dual band.
Tom at Washington Diamond was the only one who suggested a slight modification that both improved the engagement ring and allowed it to sit snugly next to the preferred wedding band.
They saved us 40% to boot.
- Andrew

Just wanted you to know that my bride is extremely happy with her rings. They are beautiful, and she is receiving compliments every day from friends and strangers (which, as we know, is extremely important to a new wife;).
I also had a wonderful buying experience at Washington Diamond. I felt that I paid a reasonable price for the value and quality that I received. I will happily recommend WD to my family, friends and associates.
- P McC. -

I recently purchased a pair of earrings from the Washington Diamond in Falls Church, Virginia.
The diamonds were a gift for my wife for our wedding anniversary. I had spent a considerable amount of time looking for the perfect pair of earrings at the best price.
I had checked all of the big brand stores in the Washington D.C./ Northern Virginia area and found that Washington Diamond consistently provided a better quality diamond at a better price, with impeccable service.
Each of the staff members we dealt with at Washington Diamond was very knowledgeable and helpful. They took the time to help me make the right purchase and never pressured me.
In addition to exquisite diamonds, their custom made settings were absolutely incredible.
I am now a committed customer and will save a lot of time in the future by going straight to Washington Diamond.
- Steve, Reston

Happy Customers of Washington Diamond
My fiance and I worked with Tom to create a bridal set, and I was most interested in finding a good quality diamond at a reasonable price.
I had researched diamonds enough such that I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.
But Tom educated me and offered helpful advice. He helped me select a slightly different diamond that was a much better buy than what I had originally planned.
And for those who think buying a diamond over the Internet is a better deal, I can say I believe my diamond was far higher quality for the same price than diamonds I had researched at online providers.
Tom was very professional, trustworthy, and great to deal with. We'll definitely be repeat customers.
L. C.

Tom of Washington Diamond has been providing me with exquisite gifts of jewelry for my wife, at a reasonable cost, for over 20 years.
He is a master of his craft and a delight to deal with. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
- J.C.

Working with Walter to select a ring and a diamond was a great experience.
I'm extremely satisfied with both the quality and price and was very proud to present the ring to my (now) fiance when I asked her to marry me. She absolutely loves it!
- B. B.

Personalized help, beautiful stones and settings, very well prices, listed on Washingtonian Best, and location.
-B.C. and H.G.

They understood our wants/needs and budget and went above and beyond to give us the best quality for our money.

I wanted a local store with very competitive prices.
Those, combined with your great customer service made your store stand above and beyond the rest.
- M.G.

Gorgeous Diamond Ring Created By Washington Diamond
Provided better quality at better price.

Most helpful, best customer service and competitive pricing.

Value and service is the best.

Washington Diamond had the items we wanted at the prices we wanted to pay.
F and A

Excellent personal service at a reasonable price, but even if it weren't absolutely the cheapest price, the service is well worth it.
- CJ.

The ring was a big hit. Our independent appraisal was also a satisfactory experience.
We are very happy with both price and product. We shall recommend your business should the occasion arise.
We would also strongly consider your business for future purchases. Thank you for a pleasant shopping experience.
- Jesse C.

I just wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciated your time and commitment to helping me select a setting for a diamond I owned.
This was for an engagement ring. I believe it was back in middle May when I came in to look.I had visited other jewelers before considering Washington Diamond and after just the brief time with you I noticed the difference.
One thing that helped me decide on Washington Diamond was your approach. At other places I felt pressured and noticed a "salesman" type mentality.
You looked out for my best interests while not going beyond my set boundaries.
I must admit, when looking elsewhere and speaking with others about purchasing a ring, I became anxious.
However, your no pressure approach alleviated any nervousness I had.
Your honesty and knowledge made the purchase a pleasant event. From the professional staff to the fair price I paid, the whole experience was great!
The ring came out even better than I imagined. I proposed shortly after picking up the ring and she said yes! She loves it and cannot stop looking at it.
She is as satisfied with the ring as I am. We will be in to pick out our wedding bands shortly. Hope to see you soon!.
- J.R., Centreville, VA

Words cannot express how happy you have made my fiancee and I feel.
Your expertise in gemology assisted us in getting, slightly larger & more brilliant stone without any additional expense. Thank you so much! ... the extra time you spent with me and my situation made all the difference between "Tragedy and Tranquillity"
- LH,Reston, VA

Happy Customers of Washington Diamond
You advised me to shop around and compare before purchasing any stone. Well I took your advice and having the good fortune of being in the Navy, I compared your prices to other retailers...and your prices couldn't be beat!!!

My fiance and I were thrilled with Washington Diamond. We were treated professional...and you carried far more diamonds in the price/shape/ quality range we were interested. I'm so grateful we shopped at Washington Diamond
- FS, Silver Spring MD

The diamond ring we bought is exactly the ring we were looking for. The stones are beautiful, the workmanship is excellent, the price is the best around, the people were nice and honest. I encourage you to look very closely at Washington Diamond.
- LG

Taking into consideration the quality of diamonds that you offer and compared with the majority of jewelry dealers in the Washington & No.VA. area; your prices were extremely reasonable.
- K.M

I was impressed by your knowledge, demeanor and quality of the diamonds you sell. You were very responsive to my needs and I felt I received excellent value for the stone I selected.
- MB, Washington DC.

Washington Diamond carries Canadian non-conflict diamonds, offers competitive prices, and has a friendly and informative sales staff. I bought my wife's engagement ring here and have never second-guessed my decision. Having considered much of the competition in my own search, I've gladly shared my recommendation of Washington Diamond with several friends." Thanks and best wishes.
- M. Hamilton

Great prices and friendly service!
- Jim Worthen
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Great value, friendly and patient service, Tom is wonderful.
- Steven F

I've known Tom's family for 26 years - they are 'my' jeweler. Integrity - honesty - straight up consumer educators, and their first priority is to respect and ultimately serve the customer. And I know their inside values first hand, as I also worked for (and was trained by them) in the early 80's.
- Elizabeth Wendel

Washington Diamond carries Canadian non-conflict diamonds, offers competitive prices, and has a friendly and informative sales staff. I bought my wife's engagement ring here and have never second-guessed my decision. Having considered much of the competition in my own search, I've gladly shared my recommendation of Washington Diamond with several friends.
- Mark H

On Our World Class Service

I can't say enough about how much I appreciated Washington Diamond's help in choosing a ring.
The process was so much easier than I ever thought it would be and the customer service is outstanding!
- Jake S.

No complaints at all. The girls at the front counter were very sweet, prompt and professional. I was in and out in less than 5 mins to drop off something to be sized and cleaned.
No pressure sales, honest and very informative. I hope to go back here for other goodies soon :)
- Christine R. from

I had heard from my wife about Washington Diamond but had not been a customer until recently -- but I will definitely return in the future.
I found the salesperson very helpful, friendly, patient and knowledgeable. She listened carefully to understand what I was looking for and helped me focus on a few ideas for a surprise gift for my wife.
As I narrowed my choices, I found Tom very helpful in explaining the value of the different pieces of jewelry I was looking at -- but without pressuring me. Perhaps most impressive, I received an email from the store to make sure that my wife liked my choice -- which she definitely did.
- Mark L. from Yahoo Reviews

I had a very pleasant experience with Washington Diamond. I purchased an exceptional engagement ring for an amazing price, and my now finace has received dozens of compliments from friends and strangers.
Washington diamond was very professional and their customer service is outstanding. I recommend them to anyone looking for quality jewelry at a resonable price.
- JRC1, from Yahoo Reviews

My fiance and I went to Washington Diamond on a recommendation from family, and couldn't be happier! We met with Tom in June 2010, just before getting engaged, to look at engagement rings. Neither one of us really knew what questions to ask or what to look for. However, we were well taken care of!
Tom was very patient and let us take our time and instead of trying to pressure us into getting a diamond that might not have been right for us, he gave us endless options and let us make our own (informed) decision.
Not only was the customer service fantastic, but they have a wonderful selection! They have very high standards, so you really can't go wrong with anything they have to offer.
We were so happy with the engagement ring experience we just went back to pick out wedding rings a few days ago. As always, Tom was fantastic and we walked away with a beautiful wedding band that was the perfect compliment to my amazing engagement ring.
I have been so happy with the experience that I have raved about them to everyone I know, and would absolutely recommend Washington Diamond again and again. The next time we look for fine jewelry, we will absolutely return. Thank you Washington Diamond and thank you Tom!
- Chelsey E

We bought an engagement ring at Washington Diamond 11 years ago, and when we went back earlier this year to purchase another ring Tom remembered us! Now THAT is customer service.
Their selection is excellent and they are willing to help you find exactly what you need. The staff is unfailingly polite, knowledgeable and the only people we trust to work on the jewelry with sentimental value.
We also had some custom engraving done through Washington Diamond this year, and while not cheap, it is definitely a work of art.
- Robert H

My wife and I now live in the Boston area, and we still only shop for our jewelry at Washington Diamond. This establishment has the most professional and knowledgeable staff, and their product is certified and top quality. The level of service is second to none. I refuse to buy jewelry from any other store.
During a recent visit to Northern Virginia, Washington Diamond was able to accommodate us on short notice to have my wife'€™s engagement ring cleaned/inspected. In addition to the typical high service, we also bought an incredible diamond pendant. I trust Washington Diamond, their products, and will remain a lifetime customer for all future purchases. If you want the best, you won'€™t be disappointed.
- Brian

I found Washington Diamond just by searching online, and I'm so happy I did! We had previously tried some other very well-known places in DC, but hadn't found the right combination of attentive, trustworthy service and rings that we truly liked.
We worked with Tom, who was wonderful! He was patient, helpful, not pushy at all, and we actually had fun ring shopping! He was helpful and responsive even after the sale. We feel that we've found a trusted jeweler that we can return to in the years to come! We would recommend Washington Diamond, and Tom, to anyone.
- Meg D.

Not only is Washington diamond great value for cost, but they are knowledgeable and so professional. Out of all of the jewelers we went to (and we even met ronnie mervis) the guys at WD put us the most at ease. They didn't try to push us on anything we didn't need or want. They listened to us and kept us in budget. We couldn't be happier with our rings.
- Laura

We wanted to thank you for taking the time to help us find the right engagement ring and wedding bands. - They were a perfect for us and we are very happy with them. It's clear that you are not only very talented but also really care about your clients and that means a lot!
-Bob and Kristie H., Washington DC,

My husband and I had a wonderful and satisfying experience at Washington Diamond. This was the 3rd place we went to find the perfect engagement ring for me so going in we were quite leery. We had a really bad experience with Jared where they sold us a stone that after we got it appraised, which we paid for, was valued at half of what we paid for it. When we went to them to rectify the problem they wouldn't pay for a second appraisal and they kept telling us that they were going to stand by their product. Needless to say we returned the engagement ring and cancelled the orders for the wedding bands.
My husband found Washington Diamond online and made an appoitment and from the moment we stepped into the showroom we were treated warmly and professionally. We sat down with Tom and he pulled out several stones and even offered to make whatever I wanted. Our consultation with Tom was so educational and professional that we found a setting we liked and purchased a stone that we had not even seen because he had just purchased it and it was coming that next morning but we felt so confident in Tom's word and expertise that we would be completely satisfied with our purchase we agreed to it. And we were surprised. Both of us were so very pleased and stunned at how beautiful my ring looked, even his sales staff was complimenting the ring. The clarity and color of the diamond is exquisite.
Its been a year since we bought all our rings and I still get mouth dropping compliments on my set. Thank you Tom and the whole Washington Diamond staff for everything that you do. We tell everyone we know to go see Tom at Washington Diamond, you won't be disappointed.
- A. Smith - Maryland

The personal service you offer is unmatched!
- S.S.

Hi Tom, You were with a customer yesterday evening when I received the earrings. They are exquisite. I had already known that you had done right by me, but when I saw the appraisal I was even more appreciative of what you had done. It's not just your business model that's so winning, it's you! Thank you so much!
- Joanna H.

Classic Diamond Engagement Ring
I wanted to take a quick moment to send you a 'Thanks' e-mail for everything regarding this latest jewelry purchase (Her aquamarine ring). Trying to juggle the logistics of when to pick it up, combined with the uncertainty surrounding when the baby would show up added a new level of stress. But everything you did was great. I can't thank you enough for that, and then Andrew delivering the ring to us the day we brought home our new son from the hospital was really just amazing. I wish I could drop by in person to say thanks, but trying to adjust to having a newborn is a pretty big task. I was already a dedicated Washington Diamond customer, but now I can easily say I will be a customer for life. I'll continue to recommend you to all my friends and family, without any reservations. Thanks again for everything.
- Pete L. Arlington, VA

Tom and his brother helped me when I chose my husband's wedding band. They accommodated me even though I did not have an appointment and patiently walked me through the process, making suggestions and sharing tips along the way. I would work with them again without question and have since recommended their services to many friends.
- Sara G.

Gorgeous Diamond Ring Created By Washington Diamond
Tom designed a custom pendant piece for my wife, and customized both of our wedding bands. He was helpful, honest, and amusing through the entire process and both times that I worked with him. Whether or not you are in the DC area, make it a point to see Tom for your fine jewelry needs.
- Christian M.

I just wanted to thank you for the great service you provided. Despite the fact that I was in a war-torn foreign country at the time, you still managed to help me get the exact custom engagement ring I was looking for over two years ago. Now, in less than a month, I'll finally be getting married, so I just wanted to thank you again for all your help.
- Jeff Dill

Well, I picked my pieces up today and I must tell you, they are gorgeous. I'm always a little concerned since I'm never there in person but this is my fifth purchase I believe and I've never been disappointed. Thanks for your patience with me and for beautiful jewelry. My friends will be jealous!
- P. Jaske, Menomonee Falls, WI

Tom and his business, Washington Diamond, are the people to see for expert service and integrity, plus value and creativity.
- K.M.L.

Tom, I want to thank you and your team for everything they accomplished and did to make our wedding special and to provide Rosemary with an exquisite retirement gift. I have truly found my jeweler and look forward to a continued relationship. It is a pleasure to work with such a outstanding, professional, customer orientated company.
- J.K. London, England

Happy Customers of Washington Diamond
I researched a number of consumer satisfaction services and Washington Diamond consistently came out on top.
- E.D.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service I received at Washington Diamond. I proposed to Sheryl the other night and she absolutely loved the ring. You were a great help!
- E.G.

Thank you! The engagement ring that you gave so much of your time helping me to create turned out amazing! Needless to say, she couldn't be happier with the ring, and we are still celebrating. I want to thank you once again for all of your time and patience in guiding me through the process. You selflessly gave an enormous amount of both. Without a doubt, you have earned my trust, which, as you know, is not an easy thing to do. In doing so, you have gained a loyal customer and a outspoken advocate for both you and your business. Thank you for kindness, candor, and integrity in all of our many meetings. I look forward to many years of business together.
- D.P.

Washington Diamond was willing to help us during a time when the other jewelers said "can't do it" or "wasn't willing".
- I-M M.

No pressure. No misinformation. No presumptions. Knowledgeable staff. Great service. Friendly Fares.
- D.M.N.

3 Stone Antique Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring
Fantastic customer service. I needed the earrings quickly and you beat my deadline by a day. I couldn't be happier.
- K.H.

I immediately felt that I could trust leaving my diamond to be reset without any worries.
- J.B.

Washington Diamond repaired my ring that 3 other stores couldn't/wouldn't do and the repair was done exactly as I wanted.
- S.D.

Washington Diamond was most honest with great products. Great service and non-aggressive sales.
- MN

I chose Washington Diamond because of the superb customer service and the quality of the merchandise is unmatched.
- N.M.

Classy, non invasive reception; helpful and attentive staff.
- J.H.S.

The customer service approach was ideal - I was able to obtain all of the information that I needed without feeling pressure to make a purchase immediately.

I would like to thank you and your staff for your service in resizing and refinishing my wedding ring. When it was cut down, you said that you wouldn't be able to exactly re-create the finish, and that it would be a bit different, which I accepted.

When I received it after it was resized, it was indeed different. It turned out better. The new finish is much more durable than the original. Whereas the old brushed finish scratched very easily, the new is bulletproof. And in cutting it down, the cut was placed to remove some of the existing damage on the polished sides. The new fit is perfect as well.
- Luis

Tom, I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance, understanding, and patience in helping me select the ideal diamond and setting. She absolutely loves it and it looks amazing. You were a big help and it was a pleasure doing business with you.
I'll be sure to continue using your services in the future, and will be sure to refer any of my family and friends who are in the market for jewelry Thanks again and take care.
- Mike L

Washington Diamond was my first stop on the road to buying an engagement ring, and it was my last. When nearing the end of my journey (over 19 stores later), I knew I would not feel complete if I failed to re-visit the impeccable service and non-pressured environment that originally welcomed me into the engagement ring experience.
I'm glad I did because Washington Diamond's approach, price, and product were perfect. I wholeheartedly praise Tom and Washington Diamond for their commitment to making the buying of an engagement ring one of the most memorable moments of my life. I look forward to doing business forever. Thank you again and again.
- AD, Alexandria

Another Happy Washington Diamond Couple
I wanted to take a minute to thank you and the others on staff at Washington Diamond who made my "quality diamond buying experience" one that I plan to share with all of my friends and family. After my initial visit, you had a diamond over-nighted to the store for my review and once I saw it, I knew we had a keeper. You and the rest of the staff were then able to craft a setting that complemented the stone.
Since presenting the ring, I have also been very pleased with the post-purchase service. We plan to continue to bring the ring to you for service because the job will be done correctly and professionally. Now that the shock has worn off, I still can't help but admire the work of art that we created. Lisa has had countless comments about the ring in the week that she has worn it. Lisa tells me that I did a great job and that she is extremely happy... The fact of the matter is, I can't take much of the credit.
- JB, Potomac Falls, VA

Dear Tom, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you and all your staff for the "once again" excellent service and professionalism. When we purchased our diamond from you nearly nine years ago we knew that we had made a fantastic choice in choosing your company. Your business and your staff are professional, kind and extremely knowledgeable. You are a "big diamond company" that is able to maintain are warm, friendly, comfortable atmosphere. Your staff is genuinely excited for their clients to walk away wearing a beautiful diamond. They are proud of their work and deserve to be proud. A diamond is a fabulous stone, but when set in such care and in just the right way it makes it even more perfect! You are all in the right line of work!Thanks again...We love it!.
- R&FS, Vienna

I got the ring and it is beautiful! I've never bought a certified diamond before and you definitely didn't let me down, this diamond is magnificent! It's so clear and the cuts really sparkle. I am VERY impressed with your product and your service. Walter, it's been a pleasure doing business with you and I can guarantee that I will buy from you again. I will also be sure to tell all of my friends here... how great Washington Diamond is. Thanks for my wonderful ring (I'll let you know what my wife thinks after I give it to her :) and I look forward to doing business with you again.
- S.H, Tucson, AZ

Although I had read books, talked with friends, and done research on the internet on how to evaluate diamonds, I still had a great deal of anxiety on the day I came in to talk with you. I felt like you provided me with high quality information and insight into the aspects I should be looking for in a diamond, and that you addressed my questions professionally, respecting the fact that this was not a easy decision for anyone to make. The most important thing to me is that I walked out of your store feeling very happy with my purchase, and that my beautiful wife-to-be was going to be thrilled with the ring I had picked for her. I have also been happy with the service you have provided post-purchase. It is very nice to be able to call and speak to you personally, or one of your highly qualified staff about questions or concerns I have about how to care for the diamond, and other relevant issues.
- KKT, Bethesda, MD

I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent service you provided me while I was shopping for my Big Diamond. I walked away with a feeling of satisfaction that I bought the perfect diamond within my means. I will tell all my friends about Washington Diamond and the excellent service I received. My fiancee loved the ring and is excited about shopping for the wedding bands at your store.

From my first visit to my last, you made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The atmosphere seemed professional and the staff appeared extremely competent. I am thoroughly convinced I bought the best diamond from the best merchant in the area.

Gorgeous Diamond Ring Created By Washington Diamond
We would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided us. The engagement ring turned out beautifully and we couldn't be happier with the quality and value of the setting. We also appreciate your thoughtful advice regarding how best to honor the history of the 100-year-old family diamond used for the ring. Your expertise, professionalism, and sense of humor turned what we expected to be an intimidating experience into a fun and enjoyable one. We were thoroughly impressed with Washington Diamond and have already recommended you to several friends and family members. We plan to make Washington Diamond our family jeweler. Thanks again and best wishes.
- Eben and Erin

Great customer service - every one in the shop is knowledgeable, helpful, and fun! The best pricing, quality, and environment in which to shop for and purchase diamonds and fine jewelry. It is a small intimate store with a very BIG effect. Oh, and they have a starbucks coffee machine....not that it matters-:) Thanks.
- Margaret Rose

They have the best customer service, selection, quality and prices. And don't forget Tom who is totally wonderful. You tell him what you are looking for and the price range and he comes up with it on the spot. Every purchase is private and not in front of other shoppers. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
- A Phillips

The customer service is outstanding. They don't try to sell you something you don't want--I turned down 3 perfectly good diamonds before I found the one that was perfect for me. Never did the sales representative pressure me to accept one of the first three stones he showed me or try to convince me that my hesitations were unwarranted. I highly recommend Washington Diamond.
- Melissa Thaxton

I needed a custom ring made in a very short timeframe. Not only did they exceed my expectation on the delivery of the ring, their after sale customer service was outstanding. Great Job!
- Neil

Classic Diamond Engagement Ring Created by Washington Diamond
Washington Diamond has fantastic customer service. They are professional, thorough, above all, honest! I was skeptical about purchasing my wedding ring online, but they made it a very positive experience.
- Lynda Hamilton

Beautiful & unique custom diamond settings and awesome customer service! We've been customers for 16+ years! We moved out of the area but still come back to visit and continue to use Washington Diamond because of all that I said above and most importantly, we trust them.
- Holly Morello

I picked up Molly's engagement ring yesterday afternoon, and it's gorgeous. She is going to be ecstatic when she sees it. Hell, I'm ecstatic and I'm not even the one who's going to be wearing it. All of the paperwork was in order, the service was great, and I have only good things to say about the whole experience. Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to pointing other folks in Washington Diamond's direction.
- B. Patterson

On Our Great Selection

My husband had a great experience at Washington Diamond when he went to pick out and purchase my engagement ring.

When it was time to pick out our wedding rings, we decided to go back to Washington Diamond and I'm so glad we did.

We are very happy with our wedding rings! The gentleman we worked with was patient and knowledgeable. They have a wide variety of rings from which to choose and because you have to have an appointment to go there, you have undivided attention from a jewelry expert.

We never felt pushed into buying rings that weren't right for us either. For example, though I tried on wedding bands with diamonds in them, I knew I wanted a ring that was similar to my mother's. I wanted a solid, platinum, delicate band. I would think that many sales people would want to push the idea of adding diamonds to it, but the gentleman who was helping us never did that.

 Instead, he helped me find a band that coordinates beautifully with my engagement ring and is exactly what I wanted.

My husband's band looks like it was meant to be on his hand. We also got our rings inscribed on the inside and they did that very quickly and beautifully. We are very happy with Washington Diamond and absolutely recommend them.
- Happy Wife and Sean

Thank you for sending on this appraisal. It was a pleasure to visit Washington Diamond again and purchase two very special pendants. Washington Diamond is a very special organization and I am privileged to be a client. Please pass on to Tom and the entire Team my sincere thanks for once providing outstanding customer care and having a very exceptional selection of exquisite items which are truly treasured.
- Warm Regards, Jack S. - London, England

Tom developed and produced spectacular pieces for my wife and I -- especially a unique sapphire engagement ring. He delivered impressive results, on time.
- Howard F.

Tom, She is extremely pleased with how the ring turned out. Thanks so much for working with us, this is exactly the reason I buy all my jewelry from Washington Diamond.
- E.S.

Offered Canadian Diamonds. You were very easy to deal with. Talking with Walter was not like talking to a salesman.
- M.C.

Personal touch in everything! Your knowledge of gems and wide selections available, always makes working with you the best.
- M.A.G.

Individual attention with appointments. Better selection, knowledgeable and willing staff. Keep up the good work.
- A.R.

Hi Tom, I'm sorry I did not get back to you earlier to convey the news of how my engagement to Melanie went. However Melanie was very elated when I proposed and her eyes exploded with delight when I presented the enegagement ring to her aboard our sailboat on the Annapolis bay in October. She still cant get over how beautiful it is and I doubt never will!!
Everyone who see's it comments on its beauty and design. You really did a great job with the setting the more I look at it. The whole diamond buying process with you, will stay in my mind as a very smooth purchase and an outstanding price for a special ring that will be with us for a lifetime. Thanks so much.
- Darren

Washington Diamond has been building relationships since 1969
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- RB, Reston VA

Your professionalism and service, to say nothing of your selection and prices, have been god sent.
- RG

I thought you probably had the best selection of diamonds in stock of anyplace I visited.
- T.S., Wash., DC

The best diamonds! No other business compares.
- Christy M.

The color & clarity of diamonds from Washington Diamond cannot be matched in my area. Tom and his staff treat the client very respectfully.
- Ingrid Robertson

The best product (stones, metals) I have seen in the area and amazing customer service.
- Dan M.

Excellent service, competitive prices and wide selection make me a repeat customer. If you don't see it, Washington Diamond can create it in-house. It's the only place I shop for fine jewelry.
- Michael E.

The service was great. Their selection was awesome.
- Barry Fantle

On Our Educational Approach

Thank you so much for helping him pick out a fabulous ring! He was so thrilled about his experience with you, he will be a customer for life.
- Laura M.

Tom produced superior wedding bands for my wife and I. We were amazed at his craftsmanship and detail. He walked us through each step of the process--his patience, knowledge and service were all first class. It was an unreal experience having OUR rings handcrafted by a man who takes specific pride in his trade. We couldn't be happier with the bands!
- D.S.

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring Created By Washington Diamond
We were first recommended to Tom when I was shopping for an engagement ring for my wife. We became engaged, and then went to see Tom. Tom worked with my then fiance to design a 'unique' ring (1/2 bezel flush setting with diamond trillions) to her specifications. He then delivered the ring, which is of superior workmanship and quality, at a reasonable price and quite rapidly. The ring still gets compliments all of the time more than a decade later. Since that time we have asked Tom to design other jewelry for us as well as just purchasing earrings and necklaces from the display.
We have always been impressed with the customer service, the professionalism, the quality of the products (at a great price), and the follow up. As an example we purchased our wedding bands from Tom as well. In the 10 years since then I have dropped in on average once every 12-16 months to get the ring buffed. This is a service I would pay for, but Tom has always just done it (along with my college ring which was not purchased there) for no charge, and while I waited. I can not do enough to sing the praises of Washington Diamond. All of our custom jewelry will continue to be purchased there, and even when shopping for more 'common' items, such as earrings, I always make the extra effort to get down to Falls Church to look at the offerings prior to considering purchases from anywhere else. That is not to say I always purchase all our jewelry there, but I'm impressed enough with Tom & the store that they always get first shot at the business and even when I've purchased elsewhere I am able to shop as a more educated consumer on both quality and price as a result of the visit.
- R. K.

Hi Tom - I just wanted to follow up and tell you that the ring you made for me (actually, for Her) is absolutely stunning. In addition, I found the evaluation and purchase process to be very comfortable, even enjoyable. I felt like you were my partner in finding a ring that suited my preferences and budget. You didn't pressure me and you gave me your honest opinion. Your prices were competitive with my other options. All in all, an excellent experience. I'm planning to give it to her this weekend. I think it will be a big hit. Much appreciation.
- Steve B.

You and your staff are absolutely the best! My wife was thrilled with the ring. With your help I was able to pick the right ring and diamonds and keep within my budget. The appointment system and the personal attention and no pressure sales approach would be enough to keep me coming back, but on top of that the price just cannot be beat. Finally, the turn around when I told you how little time I had till our anniversary and your teams effort to deliver was truly astounding. You can be sure, when ever I am in the market for fine jewelry I will be back to Washington Diamond. You can be sure that When family friends or associates are in the market, I will recommend that they come to you. There's just no need to go anywhere else, Quality, Service, Price and Honesty in a no pressure setting! You truly set the standard!!
- RR, Burtonsville MD

Thank you so much for all your help in picking out the right diamond. Your knowledge, experience, and genuine friendliness made the whole process of buying a diamond ring painless and stress-free. I came to Washington Diamond with high expectations based on various reviews and recommendations. You surpassed all of those expectations. Again, Thank you.
- A.K.

Hundreds of wedding bands in stock
Melissa and I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to you both for the excellent customer service and quality we found at Washington Diamond. My experience buying an engagement ring left no doubt that I would be back to purchase our wedding bands, and from our recent experiences with Washington Diamond, I am sure we made the right decision.
They made Melissa and I feel very comfortable and guided us through the entire process as Tom did back in the "engagement ring phase." You has been extremely helpful and has made this part of the wedding preparation process much less stressful! Should I say more enjoyable!
- M.A. Lorton

Sense of honesty, No razzle-dazzle.
- RS.

Washington Diamond offers personal attention and care. I don't feel like a "customer". I feel like I am important to you.
- DW.

Educating me on diamonds and by providing superior personal customer service - being patient with me, calming my anxiety over purchase, by not pressuring me to purchase.

Walter worked with me and did an excellent job taking my specs and creating the design I wanted. And he even made good suggestions.
- C.H

We worked with Tom and was very pleased by his candor and professionalism. He made the process far less intimidating than we expected.
- J.C.W.

I chose Washington Diamond for its location initially, but after stopping by it was Tom's patience and ability to educate without condescending that made me buy.

You explained about diamond characteristics, especially cut and table. Showed us exactly what we were looking for and were very upfront about pricing.
- J.L.

Walter listened! He worked with us to understand what we were looking for. No pressure, just a very comfortable atmosphere.vD.L.

Taking the time to explain everything thoroughly and then not putting any pressure on me to buy.
- S.B.

Not sales driven, so it was enjoyable to do business with you. - very straight forward, no haggling and no pressure. It really sets you apart from the competition.
- J.M.

I very much appreciated the appointments. They allowed me time to examine things without feeling rushed and I felt that I had Tom's full attention during them.
- S.H.

Liked the no nonsense approach. Tom was very professional and patient. Like the fact that I wasn't paying for a fancy retail location.
- W.E.

Another Gorgeous Diamond Ring Created By Washington Diamond
Throughout the years I have been in many jewelry stores and shops, and I must say that I was extremely impressed with your office. It was a wonderful experience to talk at ease with you and help me understand my own ideas while ensure that I received great value.
- JS

I did my Christmas shopping this year on the net, except for my diamond necklace. I just had to visit Tom, since it is always a fun experience and you just can't beat his advice. More importantly, I've always been very happy with the product!
- Alex

Thanks to you, I purchased a better diamond. You and your diamond buying guide educated me to the important facts about buying a diamond. Thank you for making this experience a pleasurable one
- MF, Leesburg VA.

I would like to thank you for making my engagement ring search most pleasurable. My ring is beautiful and everyone who sees it comments on its beauty and craftsmanship.

Read what our satisfied customers are saying
WD is not like any other jewelery store. We bought our wedding rings from them in 2004, and every time I visit the store, they know me by name and ask about my husband and our new daughter. Since then, I have bought other pieces from them and will have them make a special ring for my Mother on her 50th Bday. We have had others ask about my wedding ring and if it was hand made just for me. When you buy from them, you know you are not getting a ring that another bride has. Their designs are unique and one of a kind.They are very personal but do not force you to buy from them. But rather make sure you are fully informed about the product, whether you purchase from them or not. They don't follow you around in the store, asking you 50 questions. No pressure whatsoever!! I will NEVER shop anywhere else. WD is the place for us!!
- Shawnita Marshall

Washington Diamond has a great team of professionals who give personal attention to the customer.
From the time you walk in the door they make you feel right at home.
Our salesman Walter Via was so patient with us. Never one time did he put pressure on us to make a purchase.
Their selection and quality of diamonds sell themselves. Walter helped us to customize my husband's wedding band to match my wedding set as closely as possible. When we saw the finished product of our entire set of rings we were absolutely floored. The showroom is crisp and clean.
Excellent lighting. Very attractive. There are no obstructions in the display cases. All of the jewelry is neatly displayed. Never out of order.
And Maggie, she is a gem. She adds a special polish to their customer service. We love her energy. I will definitely make future purchases with them again. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.
- Shirley George

Great Over-All Experience

My experience with Washington Diamond was fantastic, and she loves the finished product.
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the manner in which you conduct business, and how much I enjoyed our wide ranging conversations on both days.
It was a pleasure to come into your offices, and to be made to feel as if I was the only customer in your portfolio. Consider me a customer for life, and I look forward to seeing you often in the years to come.
In fact, we will both be in to see you in the next several weeks.
S.B. - Loudoun Co., VA

We were extremely pleased with the treatment we received.
Everyone was both helpful & courteous and gave us many great suggestions that resulted in the purchase of my beautiful mothers ring with precious stones.
We had been to your store several years ago which resulted in my husband buying me a gorgeous tennis bracelet & a pair of gold earrings.
Your store is always clean & tastefully decorated and your personnel alway courteous and considerate with many great suggestions.
- I.S.

Thanks Walter! I just want to be very up front with you and let you know that this process with you has been very easy, comfortable, and stress free, despite the fact this is one of the biggest purchases of my life. You even won over my dad, who is not easy to win over, which to me at least, means a lot. My family all believes you to be a very straight shooter, and an honest business man with integrity. This I cannot say about the last time I purchased a ring. This is the only stone i am looking at this time.
- Sal E., Rockville, MD

Georgia thought she was going for a photo shoot for their friend's portfolio; see what really happened...

An excellent experience that I'm 100% happy with...and my girlfriend loves her new ring!
I live in Iowa and had a very specific ring in mind that my girlfriend wanted. I went to every local jewelry store and most couldn't get the setting that I wanted. Two stores could come up with a similar ring, but both had really high prices.
I finally found Washington Diamond's website and found exactly what I was looking for. At first I was confused by their limited hours, but after reaching them on the phone, they responded quickly via phone and email.
I selected a different center stone for the ring and also had them change the setting from 18k gold to platinum. They worked quickly and put this special order together for me in less than a month's time right before Christmas. They put the ring together on Monday and shipped it to me (free shipping!) overnight and I received it Tuesday morning.
Denelle helped me customize the ring, priced out the different options for me and was very informative. Then she kept me updated throughout the process so I knew when to expect the ring. When the ring was ready, she emailed me detailed pictures of the ring and sent me an insurance appraisal in PDF format.
I couldn't have been happier with the experience and would definitely buy from Washington Diamond again.
- Matt, IA

Everyone at Washington Diamond did a great job at helping me and my wife pick out the perfect wedding rings. I had bought the engagement ring at another location, but we bought the wedding rings at Washington Diamond. We got married last week and everyone who saw the rings, thought they had been bought together because of how perfectly my wife's engagement and wedding ring looked together and how my ring fit right in as well.
On the day we bought the wedding rings, we had been to about four places before going to Washington Diamond. Our plan was just to look that day, and not to buy anything. Go to all the places, go home, and compare. But Washington Diamond just blew us away. They did not try to force anything on us. They listened when we said what we wanted and what our budget was. They then didn't just try to force on us the most expensive ring within our price range, but instead really worked with us to find the perfect rings. Once we listened to everyone at Washington Diamond, and saw the beautiful rings they had to offer, we did not hesitate to buy our rings from them that day.
Our only regret was that we didn't make Washington Diamond our first stop. Everyone there is very professional, they have a great selection to fit within whatever your budget might be, and they are very knowledgeable. We were 100% satisfied with all aspects of our interaction with Washington Diamond and 100% satisfied with our purchase. Without question, from now on, we will head to Washington Diamond to buy any jewelry we may need and we will no doubt recommend them to anyone we know who needs to buy rings or any other type of diamond.
- Ben M

Not only is Washington diamond great value for cost, but they are knowledgeable and so professional. Out of all of the jewelers we went to (and we even met ronnie mervis) the guys at WD put us the most at ease. They didn't try to push us on anything we didn't need or want. They listened to us and kept us in budget. We couldn't be happier with our rings.
- LaurA

I never imagined that I would have a hand in customizing my earrings. You took time to listen to my ideas and offered suggestions. The result is wonderful. I love the uniqueness, simplicity, and elegance of my special earrings. Your patience, understanding, and thoughtfulness make Washington Diamond stand out among your competitors.
- Kitty and Frank D. P., Reston VA

Quality, integrity, good taste - I haven't bought jewelry elsewhere in years.

I enjoyed the fact that your employees are salaried, not commissioned. At no time did I feel that staff was trying to push something on me.
- M.M.

I gave the diamond ring to Michele this weekend and she absolutely loved it. Also, I love it more and more each time I look at it and the size was perfect. I don't think we will be changing a thing on the ring. P.S. Everyone that Michele has shown the ring to has been very impressed with the design, the diamond, and the workmanship!
- JC from Arlington, VA

Pretty Diamond Enagement Ring Created By Washington Diamond
When I showed her the ring, she couldn't believe it. She says it came out even better than she envisioned it. Although a number of other jewelers in the DC area told us that the ring design we wanted couldn't be done, you and Washington Diamond didn't even hesitate. Rather than trying to sell us something we wouldn't have been happy with, you took the time to sit down with us and discuss our needs personally, brought the design together perfectly and even delivered the ring on schedule.
We'll be back to buy our bands; in the meantime, please accept our sincere appreciation for a job well done.
- BL, Alexandria,VA

You made a once in a lifetime purchase, a joy to make.
- CR,Fredericksburg, VA

Just letting you know that I got back from Mexico and she loved the ring and of course said yes. .... Thanks for being so accommodating!
- A.S.,Arlington, VA

Thanks for all your help in making this a memorable buying experience and part of such a major Event! She loves the diamond/platinum ring combination!
- V.M.,Rockville, MD

Yup, I had planned on proposing to her this weekend, but after I picked up the ring last Friday I couldn't wait. You guys did a superb job that I HAD to propose that night. Again, thanks for all the good work and kind advice. Rest assured that I'll be telling EVERYONE I know about Washington Diamond for all their jewelry needs.
- BM,Falls Church

I'm really excited about the ring that you have put together. Of all the jewelers ...Washington Diamond is by far the most helpful and friendly. ...I feel extremely confident that this ring ...will be perfect for representing the love I have for her.
- bm

Tom, I came in a few weeks ago and bought some earrings for my wife's anniversary. I have been meaning to get back to you and tell you how much she likes them and wears them all the time. Thanks for everything.

Customers tell us what they like about Washington Diamond
Jaken and I would just like to thank you for treating us so well on Saturday. We know we put you in a very tough position, and we appreciate how you patiently understood and handled our concerns.

We just wanted to say thank you for spending time with us last night. We are so pleased with the ring -- last night is a wonderful memory! We look forward to working with you in the future!
- SR, Clifton, VA,

Thank you for operating a genuine and ethical business...and for providing an atmosphere where I know I am able to return when I decide that another diamond purchase is in my future.
- JH, Alexandria VA.

I just wanted to let you know that everything went well with my engagement. She loves the ring

I just wanted to drop you a quick note and thank you for making a difficult purchase a great experience. In the short time I spent with you yesterday, I learned more about diamonds than the previous 7-8 hours I spent with other merchants.
- MT

I very much want to thank you for the personalized attention you have shown us. We really appreciate the extra effort you have taken... In fact your establishment was quite exceptional and without comparison.
- ST, Fruitland MD

You were by far the most honest person I dealt with. In fact, you talked me into buying the diamond I purchased from another store. I will recommend your store to friends and visit when we are looking again.

Thank you for the most beautiful diamond and setting a woman could ever dream of... You told me it would be either a disaster or fabulous. Fabulous it is! Please thank everyone who worked on our setting and for making it so perfect for us. I will treasure it always.
- Peggi and Chris

Buying any piece of jewelry can be daunting. But when you are looking for the ring of a lifetime, all bets are off. Face it -- you need a professional. Luckily, Washington Diamond isn't far. Since 1969 this Falls Church store has helped nervous grooms-to-be and diamond-struck brides-to-be pick out the perfect stone, setting and style. The family business has appraised and designed jewelry for the Washington area's elite and ignoble alike with equal care and patience. And those clients have been sending their family, friends and neighbors to Washington Diamond for the same reason they walked out smiling in the first place: the folks who work here. Owner Tom and his co-workers will make you feel welcome, confident and inspired to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry. And you'll want to tell everyone about it.
- S. Chauhan & AOL Cityguide

Walter Via - He is simply one of the nicest, most knowledgeable, and easy going guys I've ever met. When you meet with him, he REALLY goes above and beyond in assisting his customers make informed and great decisions. A genuinely good person.
- D. McLachlan

Because Walter Via's humbleness makes a "small sell" feel big time! That diamond ring had Catalina Island "lit up"! Thanks again Walter. Wifey and I will bring pictures when we come in for a cleaning.
- Earl Richardson

-Everyone, of course, compliments the ring and a number of people are amazed that I picked it out "myself" (once again... THANK YOU). A woman at her work took her aside and said something to the effect, "I didn't want to say it in front of the other girls, but that is the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen."
- TT, Alexandria VA

The ring is so beautiful. It breaks my heart to send it back. But, I can't wait to see the new one in gold! ... I don't know who is luckier to have Michael for a husband, you or me

I turned around to find him on one knee, with tears in his eyes, extending an open box with my beautiful engagement ring that he designed himself, requesting my hand in marriage. WOW!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Washington Diamonds for scoring the watch of my dreams and at SUCH an affordable price!!! Most stores told me it wouldn't be available until fall and you had it on my wrist in less then 2 weeks!! You guys are ROCK STARS in every sense of the word. Hey AOL comrades, you'd be crazy to pay full price on diamonds again!!.
- ADA/WMG - Minneapolis MN

I loved working with your staff. Having worked for Ritz-Carlton as a Concierge for a number of years I recognize first class service, Washington Diamond is a 5-star business! -
- Andrew K

You can expect a great experience when you shop by appointment at Washington Diamond
Just wanted to pass along my thanks for the great engagement ring your crew designed for me. Lori's one requirement (just joking she now says) was that it "reflect moonlight". My plan was to ask her to marry me during our vacation to Myrtle Beach last week. (The moon was full and I needed all the help I could get!!) Got rained out the first night but the weather cooperated on Monday, and the moon was shining bright and reflecting beautifully off the ocean. As we walked along the water at about 10:00 PM, I pulled the ring out of my pocket, "pretended" to find it on the beach, pointed it toward the moon and saw a very pretty sparkling blue hue. I said, "look, it reflects moonlight"! Lori had a very stunned look on her face. I asked her if she thought it would fit? The light finally came as to what was happening and, with tears in her eyes, she held out her hand and said "somehow I think so"!!! The rest is history and a June wedding is planned. Everyone that has seen the ring is very impressed and usually responds by saying, "Wow". Most of the women are jealous and the guys in her office have instructed her to keep it away from they're wives!! Thanks again!! We're both very happy.
- DC.,Alexandria, VA

Reliable, honest staff. Quality merchandise.
- Peter Stephan

Tom and his team are the absolute best in the business. They are honest, true diamond experts and willing to go out of their way to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied. I would not recommend any other dealer higher than Washington Diamond. If you go elsewhere, you are making a mistake.
- Dave Miller

Thank you guys so much. I wanted to let you know that my wife almost fell out of bed when I gave her the anniversary band you helped me with.
- Colm

I just wanted to let you know that She is absolutely thrilled with her rings and earrings. She was surprised and had no clue that we upgraded her setting. That's exactly why we enjoy shopping at your store, excellent customer service. She can't stop looking at her new setting and thinks that I'm the man, and after all that's most important. When she is happy, I'm happy. Thank you! Looking forward to our next upgrade. Thanks again, and please let your staff know that once again everything was perfect and that we couldn't be more pleased.
- Vincent P., Rockville, MD

Tom helped me procure an engagement ring for my fiancee. She loved it and Tom was great to work with. He gave me a master class on diamonds, showed me how to evaluate a diamond from both a professional and a practical perspective. He had my full trust through the process and made it a lot of fun.
- M. W.

We will help you create the ring of her dreams
Unlike other retailers who can only hand you a catalog of settings or show you what's under the case, Washington Diamond takes pride in creating an engagement setting that fits your personality. The jewelers there can take your ideas and turn them into the ring of your dreams. No one in the world will have a ring exactly like yours.
- Michele M.

Washington Diamond is socially conscious and is willing to work with you to get exactly what you want.
- Jody Olson

My new three-stone diamond ring is stunning thanks to Tom at Washington Diamond! We are extremely happy with our purchase and Tom was very professional. We will go back to Washington Diamond again!
- Nancy N.

I have been doing business with Washington Diamond for over 20 yrs. and they have always acted with my best interest at heart. Tom (the owner) is one of the few people in this world that I trust completely, he is honest and above-board without exception.
- Doug Whiteley

They are willing to work with you on any request you may have. They are not stuffy like some big brand names, but their quality is amazing. We recommend them to everyone we know!
- Lindsay Patterson


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