Calculate some prices and then get our opinion before you act.

The Diamond Price Calculator™ generates the approximate high wholesale price or value for a diamond. Of course, there are a variety of factors the affect the selling price or resale worth for a diamond, but at Washington Diamond, "We are here to help you."  We're are often able to sell diamonds for substantially less then the calculated price.

We invite you to use the calculator below for comparison shopping, for determining the resale value of a diamond you own, or to get a sense of the approximate cost of a diamond with characteristics you’re searching for. Other variations in the diamond's charachristics may greatly effect the value. Regardless of your goal, one thing is certain. At Washington Diamond, you'll find caring professionals offering expert guidance and fine values.  When selling, you should expect less than the calualated price.  When buying, please don't pay more.  We can assist you.   Please get our proffession opinion before you buy or sell.

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